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“Photo by John Stennes. Used with permission from The Grand Forks Herald.”

Come join us for music and mirth at 'The Muiderman Theater' in our house here in Thompson, North Dakota. It is the perfect setting to see some of the finest musicians in the land


Masters of Guitar Concert Series

The Muiderman Theater is located at:
1410 Elm Coulee Dr. NE,
Thompson, ND
For any questions, call 701-610-9789

Wheelchair access available with advanced request. Call 701-610-9789

Tickets - Need Assistance? Call 1-800-316-8559

Here's a MapQuest link to the theater:


Upcoming Concerts

Previous Concerts

Willy Porter March 16/24
Paul Galbraith January 21/24
Clay Jenkinson November 11/23
John Doyle October 13/23
Pierre Bensusan September 23/22
John Doyle September 25/21
Willy Porter April 27/19
Paul Galbraith March 3/19
Claude Bourbon November 3/18
Luther Enloe October 13/18
Tony Furtado September 22/18
Willy Porter with Carmen Nickerson April 28/18
Peter Mulvey March 16/18
Montenegrin Guitar Duo February 11/18
Dean Magraw November 4/17
Sugiura & Teepen October 21/17
Lehto & Wright September 15/17
Matt Denman April 23/17
Michael Gulezian April 15/17
Willy Porter with Carmen Nickerson March 25/17
Kevin Muiderman February 11/17
Tony Furtado November 12/16
Tom Brosseau October 8/16
The Galactic Cowboy Orchestra September 17/16
John Doyle April 23/16
Peter Mulvey March 19/16
Stuart Davis December 12/15
Willy Porter September 5/15
Pierre Bensusan April 3/15
Michael Chapdelaine March 14/15
Lehto and Wright February 14/15
Peter Mulvey January 31/15
Don Alder January 17/15
Garnet Rogers November 15/14
Tony Furtado November 2/13
Willy Porter October 25/14
Claudia Schmidt and Dean Magraw September 19/14
Willy Porter September 13,14/13
Michael Chapedelaine June 22/13
Garnet Rogers April 25/13
Leo Kottke March 2/13
Willy Porter December 1/12
John Doyle October 14/12
Stuart Davis September 15/12
Laurence Juber May 12/12
Michael Chapdelaine March 25/12
Willy Porter February 25/12
Peter Mulvey January 14/12
Willy Porter August 19/11
Adrian Legg April 6/11
Willy Porter October 1/10
Peppino D'Agostino January 28/10
Leo Kottke November 21/09
Michael Chapdelaine October 3/09
Al Petteway & Amy White May 9/09
Martin Simpson November 11/08
Willy Porter October 3/08
Michael Whisler September 12/08
John Doyle July 6/08
Michael Gulezian March 19/08
Michael Chapdelaine November 18/07
Michael Gulezian November 18/06
Gordon Bok November 7/06
Laurence Juber September 16/06
Michael Chapdelaine April 29/06
Al Petteway & Amy White May 21/05
Willy Porter February 12/05
Brooks Williams October 2/04
Jason Dennie July 24/04
Peter Mulvey April 24/04
L.J. Booth January 31/04
Willy Porter October 4/03
Eric Hester June 14/03
Jason Dennie February 22/03

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